Tada! I offer my services as a freelance R&D engineer and my expertise in Signal Processing, Detection, Estimation and Classification in the context of various applications. My clients are typically entities who either don't have internal R&D resources or who lack a specific skill set to solve a problem they face. My set of skills is sufficiently versatile that I can take a project from research and algorithm development to prototype and software implementation, delivering software applications or components my clients can integrate within their workflow.

  • Product and service concepts
  • Technology research
  • Feasibility study
  • Prior art
  • Brainstorming
  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Audio / Images / Sensor data applications
  • Recognition / Classification / Estimation
  • Machine vision
  • Machine listening
  • Interactive applications
  • Document security
  • Data encoding / Watermarking
  • Algorithm development
  • Software development
  • Performance evaluations
Since 1993 my research and development work has spanned a few application fields: Non-linear modeling, interactive music, machine listening, audio watermarking, document security, image processing, machine vision, video games and image parsing.

I've had a few opportunities to experience first hand that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail (a.k.a. Bernard Baruch's law). From financial to emotional, there are many reasons why one might be attached to a particular tool, methodology or technology. Baruch's amusing law becomes all the more obvious when one gets a chance to work in diverse application fields and I've seen my share of solutions that have yet to find a problem they might solve. I think this raises interesting questions about any design process, revealing the struggle to balance free creativity and problem solving methodology. Ultimately I find that the process involved in solving a problem is often more interesting than the actual solution and this is probably the reason why my work has spanned various application fields over the years.