Sparticle is an iPhone game that makes use of the device's accelerometers, openGL, openAL and a bunch of physics. Sparticle

Update 1.1 is now live on the App Store. This update brings 3 new worlds, original soundtracks for each world, more detailed help and a global leader board.

WHAT IS IT? Sparticle is an adrenaline-pumping casual game set in a surreal environment showcasing graphics designed by Pinar Yoldas. Itís time to think outside the box... and inside the tunnel.

True to its origin, the gameís environment relies heavily on simulated physics and custom code that squeezes the most out of your iPhone of iPod Touchís capabilities. The application also makes use of sound localization and the use of headphones is highly recommended for an immersive experience.

Collect gems to add play time to your clock and earn points. Avoid boulders as they will take time away from you. Each time your score reaches a milestone the game's difficulty is increased. Although it may seem easy at first there are virtually no limits to the game's difficulty. When the clock runs out the game is over.

Once you've collected enough gems gates will start to appear. Hit a gate to teleport to another world. This first version counts only 3 worlds but more are to come in subsequent updates. These worlds are not related to levels of difficulty, which solely depends on your score.

Tilt your device to influence gravity and touch the screen to jump. To pause, save or quit a game touch and hold both the clock and the score at the same time.

  • Gravitation is read from the accelerometer and matches that or the real world. Hence if you tilt your device to the right, the boulders will tend to fall to your right. You character however will try to "hold on" as much as the floor friction allows it to. This way you can avoid a boulder by effectively steering them away from your character.
  • When you tap the screen the character will jump in such a way as to "reach" the location you tapped. In order to do that it computes a launch direction and velocity. If you tap the screen to the right of the character it will jump the the right, the further away from the character you tap and the bigger the jump. If you tap the screen above the character it will simply jump up, again with an intensity that depends on how far above the character you tapped. This might sound easier than it is as you will have to develop an intuition for your character's trajectory before you decide how and when to launch it.