Rade Petrovic, Joseph M. Winograd, Kanaan Jemili and Eric Metois - October 1999

Eric is a Co-inventor of MusiCode®, Verance's core audio watermarking technology, which was selected as the worldwide industry standard for DVD Audio copy control and for the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) in 1999. This patented solution that has met every challenge thrown at it through technology bakeoffs, bench marks and high profile listening tests.

The technology is also at the center of the company's ConfirMediaTM offering, which currently monitors the 100 top U.S. media markets plus all major TV and Cable networks, reaching 85% of the U.S. viewing and listening audience.

This paper was presented at the fourth Conference Telecommunications in Modern Satellite and Cable Services, TELSKI'99, October 1999, Nis, Serbia.

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In this paper we will present general principles of steganography, basic terminology, and an overview of applications and techniques. In particular we will consider data hiding within audio signals, basic requirements and the state of the art techniques. We will propose a novel technique, the short-term autocorrelation modulation, with several variations. The proposed method is characterized by perfect transparency, robustness, high bit rate, low processing load, and, particularly, high security.