DESCRIPTION The Eym Audio Watermarking Windows application allows its user to embed (resp. retrieve) a short data payload within (resp. from) 16-bit PCM audio wav files.
For the sake of simplicity this Windows application processes one file at a time. As an alternative to this GUI, command line utilities are also available. These require no specific installation process and are more suitable for applications that require either batch processes or the integration within an existing workflow.

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FREE DOWNLOAD To install this application, download EymAWMgui_v1_1.zip (2,548KB - built 02/03/2007), unzip it and run the included Setup.exe.
In its demo mode, the application will provide enough functionality for you to experiment with the underlying audio watermarking methodology.

PURCHASE A LICENSE KEY The same license keys work across all EyM Audio Watermarking utilities (either command line or GUI). A valid license key allows you to create audio watermarks on a private layer and to control a certain amount of the watermark's data payload. The price of the license key is a function of how much of the payload you can control:
• 1-Byte max. payload: US$ 75
• 2-Byte max. payload: US$ 175
• 4-Byte max. payload: US$ 400
• Unlimited payload: US$ 950

You can securely purchase these license keys online from ShareIt!, a global and trustworthy e-commerce provider.

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SUPPORT If this documentation doesn't answer your question, you may email me directly at eric@metois.com and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.

REVISION NOTES Version 1.1: Decreased probability of crosstalk between layers - 02/03/2007
Version 1.0: First release - 11/09/2006