(Win32 / Ubuntu 8.04 32 bits / Mac OS X 10.5.x)

DESCRIPTION The Eym Audio Watermarking encoding and decoding command line utilities embed (resp. retrieve) a short data payload within (resp. from) 16-bit PCM audio wav files.
These are standalone applications with no external dependencies and they require no particular installation other than being copied on your drive.

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FREE DOWNLOAD To install these applications, download the appropirate ZIP file, unzip it and you're done.
In their demo mode, these utilities should offer enough flexibility to perform a variety of performance tests so that you may assess whether or not they will work for your application before purchasing any license.

• Win32 binaries: EymAWMcmd_v1_2-Win32.zip (311 KB)
• Ubuntu 8.04 (32 bits) binaries: EymAWMcmd_v1_2-Ubuntu.zip (203 KB)
• Mac OS X 10.5.x binaries: EymAWMcmd_v1_2-MacOSX.zip (200 KB)

PURCHASE A LICENSE KEY The same license keys work across all EyM Audio Watermarking utilities (either command line or GUI). A valid license key allows you to create audio watermarks on a private layer and to control a certain amount of the watermark's data payload. The price of the license key is a function of how much of the payload you can control:
• 1-Byte max. payload: US$ 75
• 2-Byte max. payload: US$ 175
• 4-Byte max. payload: US$ 400
• Unlimited payload: US$ 950

You can securely purchase these license keys online from ShareIt!, a global and trustworthy e-commerce provider.

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SUPPORT If this documentation doesn't answer your question, you may email me directly at eric@metois.com and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.

REVISION NOTES Version 1.2: WAVE file header handling tweak - 10/09/2009
Version 1.1: Decreased probability of crosstalk between layers - 02/03/2007
Version 1.0: First release - 11/09/2006