The EyM Audio Watermarking tools are shareware utilities that are offered "as is". They embed (resp. retrieve) a short data payload within (resp. from) 16-bit PCM audio wav files. The resulting watermarks have been shown to survive MP3 compression, down-sampling and even acoustic coupling (i.e. traveling through the air between a speaker and a microphone) without leading to noticeable degradation of the audio content.

Some people may qualify this approach as a blind watermark in the sense that it does not require access to the original audio content in order to retrieve the watermark payload.

These applications are free to try. In their demo mode, they should offer enough flexibility to perform a variety of performance tests so that you may assess whether or not they will work for your application before purchasing any license.

WATER-WHAT? If you're not sure about what audio watermarking is or what it does, you might be interested in this short primer entitled "Audio Watermarking and Applications".

"[...] EyM Audio Watermark provides a reliable method of secretly watermarking your audio files recorded in the 16-bit PCM WAV format. The software embeds (and extracts) a digital signature into these files that can withstand MP3 compression, down-sampling and even acoustic coupling (playback through speakers and simultaneous recording with a microphone). [...]"

COMMAND LINE SHAREWARE UTILITIES These are standalone (Win32 / Ubuntu 8.04 32 bits / Mac OS X 10.5.x) applications with no external dependencies and they require no particular installation other than being copied on your drive.
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WINDOWS GUI SHAREWARE APPLICATION As an alternative to the command line utilites offered above this application was design to be self-explanatory. For the sake of simplicity it processes one file at a time.
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PERFORMANCE INFORMATION Here is a link to a page that provides some performance information about this shareware solution.

PURCHASE A LICENSE KEY The same license keys work across all EyM Audio Watermarking utilities (either command line or GUI). A valid license key allows you to create audio watermarks on a private layer and to control a certain amount of the watermark's data payload. The price of the license key is a function of how much of the payload you can control:
• 1-Byte max. payload: US$ 75
• 2-Byte max. payload: US$ 175
• 4-Byte max. payload: US$ 400
• Unlimited payload: US$ 950

You can securely purchase these license keys online from ShareIt!, a global and trustworthy e-commerce provider.

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WHAT IT IS This shareware is intended to target small to medium size applications that may require an audio watermark. Although proof of ownership, tracking and copy deterrence might be the most popular applications of digital watermarks this shareware provides complete control over the nature of the data you might decide to embed in an audio recording. From the utilities' point of view your payload is just a series of byte values.
This audio watermarking system is based on Spread Spectrum signaling techniques, a communication concept that has been widely used throughout at least three decades. Its application to embedding data within multimedia content can be traced back to academic papers published in the early 90s.
Maybe you have a confined watermarking application that doesn't justify the licensing cost of a sophisticated commercial system. Maybe your idea is at an early design stage and you wish to build a prototype or a proof of concept with minimal upfront investment. Maybe your application is so far off the beaten path that no audio watermark provider will give you the time of day. In any of these cases, a simple shareware solution might just be what you need.

WHAT IT ISN'T EyM Audio Watermarking is not a turn-key solution addressing either security or other concerns. It is simply a tool with which you may mark an audio recording with your arbitrary identifier for whatever purpose you may have.
It is not intended to compete with other commercial audio watermarking technologies, which might be of much higher quality in terms of transparency, robustness and security. It was purposely designed to rely on premises that are believed to be in the public domain and as such, it doesn't benefit from the sophistication of other commercial systems.
If your application requires a large logistical infrastructure (such as monitoring), a compliance with industry standards (such as DRM), or impeccable transparency, then by all means you should seriously consider using one of these commercial systems.

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