DESCRIPTION EymBarcodeReader.ocx is an ActiveX control that performs all necessary image processing and decoding stages to locate and read a variety of standard 1D barcodes from a bitmap. You may integrate it within your own application in a development environment such as Visual Basic, where you can freely decide what the source of these bitmaps should be (e.g image files of live video captures) and what you may use the decoded barcode data for.
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FREE DEMO APPLICATION This free demonstration application allows its user to decode 1D barcodes from image data that may either come from the userís webcam or from image files. It is intended to showcase the features of the EymBarcodeReader.ocx ActiveX component.
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PURCHASE AND DOWNLOAD THE SDK The SDK consists of the EymBarcodeReader ActiveX control, a sample Visual Basic project (VB6 and VB.Net) that illustrates its use, and documentation.
You may securely purchase and download this SDK from ShareIt!, a global and trustworthy e-commerce provider. Upon completion of your transaction, ShareIt will provide you with a link to the full version of this SDK (a 2.2 MB zip file) along with your individual license key.

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INSTALLATION NOTES Once you've downloaded the file from ShareIt!, unzip it and run the provided Setup.exe. You will be asked for your license key during the installation process. Simply copy and paste the key you received and you will be all set.

FAQ / SUPPORT If this FAQ doesn't answer your question, you may email me directly at eric@metois.com and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.
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LICENSING This ActiveX control is provided on a "one time fee" basis. A proper design license is required in order to use the control within your own Visual Basic project and compile them. Once your project is compiled however, you are granted a limited right to package and distribute the OCX's runtime as an integral part of your software without requiring that you purchase any further license.
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REVISION NOTES Version 2.5: Version 2.5 integrates a few minor perfromance tweaks - 06/23/2009
Version 2.4: Version 2.4 has added a few controls that further optimize the system's speed and accuracy. It also fixed am intermittent bug in "Fast mode" - 07/01/2007
Version 2.3: Version 2.3 has added support to color maps so that the host computer no longer needs to be set to true color (24 or 32 bits). This revision also added a new stage of "reality check" which should both decrease the occurrences of false positives and also slightly speed up the processing of large image files - 05/15/2006
Version 2.2: Further optimizations leading to drastic speed increases that are most noticeable in thorough mode when processing large image files. Other minor fixes included the versioning number of the OCX file and the StartX, StartY, StopX and StopY properties so that they properly reflect cases when the barcodes are upside down or mirrored - 11/21/2005
Version 2.1: Added support for Codabar (aka Ames Code/USD-4/NW-7/2 of 7 code) and Patch codes (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and T) - 07/21/2005
Version 2.0: Major update leading to improved accuracy and speed plus added ability to decode multiple barcodes from the same image - 05/21/2005
Version 1.0.e: Correction of the symbol table for code 39 - 04/19/2005
Version 1.0.d: Added support for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and better overall support for code 39 barcodes. This revision also included other performance enhancements - 03/29/2005
Version 1.0.c: Fixed a reported bug located in the interleaved 2 of 5 decoding module - 03/12/2005
Version 1.0.b: Barcode location perfromance enhancement increasing the chances of locating and decoding a barcode within a potentially large and busy image - 01/26/2005
Version 1.0: First release - 12/07/2004

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Eym Barcode Reader OCX

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