DESCRIPTION EymBCrdCMD.exe is a shareware command line utility based on the Eym Barcode Reader OCX, which performs all necessary image processing and decoding stages to locate and read a variety of standard 1D barcodes from a bitmap.
This utility locates and decodes 1D barcodes from image files that are provided to it. The result is returned on standard output in the form of a self explanatory XML object. This tool is particularly well adapted to cases when a user might want to analyze a batch of image files.

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FREE DOWNLOAD Without purchasing a license key EymBCrdCMD.exe may still be used as a full-featured demo. Ran as a demo the utility will periodically prompt a nag screen. Disabling this nag screen requires the purchase of a license key.

To install this application, download EymBCcmd14Install.zip (3,398KB - built 06/23/2009), unzip it and run the included setup.exe.

PURCHASE A LICENSE KEY You may securely purchase and download this utility from ShareIt!, a global and trustworthy e-commerce provider. Upon completion of your transaction, ShareIt will provide you with a link to the latest installation package along with your individual license key. If you've already installed the utility you don't need to re-install it. Simply provide the license key you've received to the utility next time it asks you for it and you will be all set.
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SUPPORT If this documentation doesn't answer your question, you may email me directly at eric@metois.com and I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner.

REVISION NOTES Version 1.4: Integration of OCX ver 2.5 - 06/23/2009
Version 1.3: Further filtering of XML illegal characters from all reported fields in order to avoid syntax errors in the XML output - 04/29/2008
Version 1.2: Filtering of XML illegal characters from the reported barcode raw payload in order to avoid syntax errors in the XML output - 01/15/2008
Version 1.1: Additional controls that further optimize the system's speed and accuracy - 07/01/2007
Version 1.0: First release - 09/12/2006

CERTIFICATIONS 100% CLEAN award granted by Soft-Go 100% CLEAN award granted by Softalizer SOFTDLL CLEAN! AWARD Antivirus Report for Eym Barcode Command Line Utility 1.1 on SuggestSoft.com Eym Barcode Command Line Utility 100% Clean Certified by Downloads-Portal


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