ACTIVEX CONTROL / SDK EymBarcodeReader.ocx is an ActiveX control that performs all necessary image processing and decoding stages to locate and read a variety of standard 1D barcodes from a bitmap. You may integrate it within your own application in a development environment such as Visual Basic, where you can freely decide what the source of these bitmaps should be (e.g image files of live video captures) and what you may use the decoded barcode data for.
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COMMAND LINE UTILITY EymBCrdCMD.exe is a shareware command line utility based on the Eym Barcode Reader OCX, which performs all necessary image processing and decoding stages to locate and read a variety of standard 1D barcodes from a bitmap.
This utility locates and decodes 1D barcodes from image files that are provided to it. The result is returned on standard output in the form of a self explanatory XML object. This tool is particularly well adapted to cases when a user might want to analyze a batch of image files.

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"[...] Though in last years the usage of barcodes has gradually yielded to distant identification (like RFID), many types of software still need an engine for discovering and decoding barcode images. The ActiveX control EymBarcodeReader.ocx is a really good example of such engine. [...]"

MDR Computer Services Pty Ltd "Image Manager scans documents for electronic storage, as the image is scanned Image Manager looks for a barcode, deciphers the barcode and stores the image using the images barcode details. All images are store in a central data repository and can be accessed via the Image Manager Client or Server software.

Image Manager can read EAN-13, UPC-A and extensions, Code 128 and UCC/EAN-128, Code 39, Code 93, EAN-8, UPC-E, 2/5 digit extensions, Interleaved 2 of 5 & Codabar barcodes."

Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc. "We use the EymBarcode Reader to read off patient id numbers to sort and label documents that are scanned in for medical offices. With the ability to read in more than one barcode per page it gives us the added flexibility to draw additional information out of every page scanned. This way our clients can scan in many pages in more-or-less random order. The OCX is very easy to use, fast and flexible.

Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc. creates medical office software and provides services to a wide range of practice specialties."

Zsolt Halmos - President - Rolling Hills Enterprises, Inc.

"We have developed an in-house tool in Delphi using Eric Metois barcode reader OCX that automatically scans clinical case report forms received by fax from cancer research facilities all over the world and use it in large scale studies of over 8000 patients.

With EymBarcode Reader, we can automatically assign each page received in the database to a given hospital, medical doctor and patient. This component is very easy to use, fast, reliable and affordable. Thanks Eric!"

Olivier Ragheb - Project Developer - BrEAST Data Centre, Jules Bordet Institute.

"We are using the EymBarcode Reader in our P-LearNet project. P-LearNet means Pervasive Learning Networks. It's an exploratory project on adaptative services and usages for human learning in the context of pervasive communications.

Students haven't got real barcode readers on their devices, but most of them have Webcam and/or phone with embedded camera. We are currently working on the possibility to use digital camera within traditional (desktop PC) and mobile situation (PDA/Smartphone, etc.). The system searches in a database known barcodes (ISBN ...) and gives back relevant information: typically, the price of a book, retrieved with the Amazon Web service, for example. The EYM OCX helps us in quickly developing prototypes showing the technical feasibility of our project. We are coding in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The command line utility tool provided by Eric Metois is also interesting in situation where graphical interfaces are not available (SOAP Web services for instance).

EYM is the most powerful and fastest software barcode reader tested by our laboratory."

Jose Rouillard Ph. D. - Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (France).